All Are Relative, released in Winter of 2009, is Devlin's debut full-length album and a precursor to the Ladybug EP, Winter 2011 and her sophomore release, For Whom the Angels Named , released in Fall of 2011. 

Devlin travels the world to invoke influences from scratchy American and French phonographs, combining bitter-sweet, haunting vocals with angelic, cacophonous autoharp melodies.  All Are Relative  was released at DIY, Brooklyn venue, The Vanishing Point.

Elizabeth's performance art began as lyrical, melodic, acapella poetry on the Sidewalk Cafe stage during the Monday night open mic but soon blossomed into an eclectic, electro-acoustic sound when she began to play the autoharp. 

"The idea was to compose a delicious residual hum of dreams and fantastic things; the ear should eat this album in one sitting," says Devlin. "Although the individual tracks run a gamut of genre associations, they were conceived as symbiotic pieces intertwined, parts of a dynamic storybook, an audible, cerebral landscape." 

All Are Relative was recorded and produced with friend and musician, Kyle Avallone, in small town Belmar, on NJ's Shore, three blocks from the ocean, in a hundred-year-old house with creaky steps, a leaky attic and several orphaned inhabitants.  The album art was a collaboration between Devlin and photographer, musician and artist Magali Charron.  Devlin returned to Belmar, NJ with Charron during the late Fall of  2008.  The series was shot on the beach, three blocks from the house in which the All Are Relative was recorded.

Currently, the CD and digital download are available for purchase through Devlin's Bandcamp.

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