The Ladybug EP, released in Winter of 2011, was a precursor to Devlin's second full-length album, For Whom the Angels Namedin Spring 2011 and a follow-up to her debut full-length, All Are Relative, released in winter of 2008. 

The Ladybug 7" vinyl was released as part of Fireside Follies #3 at Brooklyn Fire Proof, NY on December 18th 2010, along with a live-action animated video for the EP title track, Ladybug , a collaboration between Devlin and NY based animator Preston Spurlock

The event received a write-up in Bushwick Daily where, Senior Editor and Founder, Katarina Hybenova wrote...

"When Eric Nelson and Mike Lala, the curators, introduced Elizabeth Devlin, a singer and an autoharp angelic tunes player, I felt a little bit like I was taken back in time to San Francisco in the 1950s, I swear I nearly stood up from my chair and yelled: 'Yeah, guys, let’s do it; let’s merge the arts together; let’s get rid of the concept of the forms of art and let’s get mutually inspired.'"

The Ladybug EP package originally included three songs: Phoenix, Ladybug, Ancient Voices on a 7" limited vinyl pressing of 500, signed and numbered by artist. One CD of entire album with one additional bonus track: Phoenix, Ladybug, Ancient Voices, and Gatsby (bonus track). One 7″ sleeve, Individually kissed & hand #’d by artist and one 7″ Vinyl, White & Gold Foil Jacket, Individually hand #’d by artist.

Currently, the vinyl and digital download are available for purchase through Devlin's Bandcamp.


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