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Orchid Mantis is a follow-up to the previously released albums: For Whom the Angels Named (Fall 2011)Ladybug EP (Winter 2011), and All Are Relative (Winter 2009)

“The creatively transcendental nature of the remaining tracks, though, elevate Orchid Mantis to a new dimension of being. ‘Take My Life’, ‘Cold Sweat’, ‘For Valerie’, and ‘How Do You Call Your Lover Boy’ set a different standard for Devlin, and her intrinsically melodic, beneath-the-surface folk sensibilities — they pull the weight in earning Elizabeth Devlin a 4.5/5 on her latest album.” -Impose Magazine 2017

Elizabeth Devlin released her third full-length album, magical, lilting Orchid Mantis, February 8th, 2017, during The Winter Anti-folk Festival at NYC’s legendary acoustic music venue, Sidewalk Café.  Devlin’s first release in five years, Orchid Mantis is an intimate portrait of womanhood in a twenty-first-century domestic scene, intermingled with the lights and energy of Metropolis NYC. 

“This album focuses on private lives and interpersonal relationships—it speaks to many of the challenges and questions one faces after adolescent life stops and a new life, beyond the chrysalis, begins,” says Devlin. Collaboration with other musicians is at the heart of Orchid Mantis’ passionate grace. “We are all developing and growing...up, apart,’s a hodgepodge of alternating expectations and creative processes and its exciting! The desire is to grab THIS, record it, keep it...a Polaroid of our collective moments, a diary entry of what our combined lives and creative experiences can be.”

Recorded with Daniel Sanint, FLUX Studio NYC and mastered with Paul Gold, Salt Mastering Brooklyn, guest musicians on ORCHID MANTIS include: Emily Hope Price (Pearl and the Beard), Andrew Hoepfner (Houseworld, The Whisper Lodge, Creaky Boards, Darwin Deez), and Michael Wookey (French-Melancholic Pop Singer/Composer).

Devlin’s neo-artistic-feminine models, for men and women, contemplate untraditional roles within family and community. “I’ll slip away while you are sleeping, murmuring something from a dream, and it’s not that my heart is bleeding, but there is something I have to see. Past the blinds, cab-faired towers, past the gates party-pumped after hours, past all your delicious human powers, don’t worry my love I’ll come back to you untainted, untouched, unslept, unfucked, re- enchanted, forever chaste, to you my darling I’ll make haste.” A Chorus Divine (Track 5)

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